I offer a range of events, courses and services, including -

  • People and Permaculture Introduction Weekends
  • People and Permaculture Design Immersion Weeks
  • People and Permaculture bespoke trainings for your community or your organisation
  • Permaculture Introductory courses (one day or a weekend)
  • 2 week certified Permaculture Design Courses - PDC course information PDF
  • Nature Connection events
  • 8 Shields (Regenerative Culture) Introduction events (1-2 days)
  • Permaculture Diploma Tutoring
  • Personal mentoring

Please contact me to discuss co-creating any of the above, and my public trainings and events are listed below.


Courses and Events 2017


March 6th-10th: Culture Repair - Rebuilding Community, Schumacher College, Devon


Dr Deborah Benham and I are running this 5 day exploration alongside Jon Young, the founder of the 8 Shields Institute. For 30 years the 8 Shields have been studying intact indigenous cultures around the world, and finding ways to repair, enrich and regenerate our culture, supporting us to connect to ourselves, each other and the world around us more deeply.



March 11th-12th: Wholistic Culture - An introduction to Acorn Leadership with Jon Young at Embercombe, Devon


Have you been at events where there was a real connective buzz, where time raced by and you find it hard to leave at the end? Have you worked in a group where things felt well held, with everyone was bringing their gifts to support the whole in a good and clear way, meeting your needs and longings in a deep way? Would you like to learn how to make that happen every time for your events and communities?

The Acorn Leadership model uses archetypes and roles based on natural cycles and indigenous wisdom to support events and groups to really come alive, creating a connective and wholistic field that meets us more fully.




May 12th-14th: Nature Culture Regeneration - an weekend introduction to the 8 Shields

This is an introduction to the 8 Shields Institute's wisdom: tools and practices for nature connection, culture repair and inner work as gathered from indigenous cultures around the world, helping us to understand and meet our original blueprint and longings as human beings.

This is our fourth introduction weekend on Dartmoor, and i am delighted to be working alongside Chris Holland, Rebecca Card, Robin Bowman, elders and a full acorn of inspiring facilitators to create an experience of intact, connective culture and 'village' life.

More information and booking details to follow...



September 19th-29th: People Permaculture Facilitator Training, Herefordshire

This training, led by Looby Macnamara and myself, consists of a 10 day residential immersion course followed by a year long online follow up of mentoring, designs and apprenticing to support the growth of your facilitation work.

This training will enable participants to deepen their personal and social permaculture design skills and offer facilitation, courses and coaching to a wide audience. Course graduates will be invited to become members of the Thriving Ways people permaculture collective.