The accreditation criteria for the Diploma consists of two sets of criteria - essential criteria and supplementary criteria. The two essential criteria are Theory in Action (making permacultural changes to your life) and Design Skills (using permaculture to design systems for yourself or other clients), in terms of emphasis, these make up about 60% of the diploma, the supplementary criteria make up the other 40%. My Theory in Action is documented elsewhere, so i will just cross reference my Design Skills usage on this page.

Design skills and tools i have used in my designs -

OBREDIM design macro - SCW woodland management plan, Longhouse rebuild, Bender roof rebuild.

SADIM design macro - Garden in Moretonhampstead, Accreditation, Compost toilet, Permaculture introductory course.

PASE client visioning - Firepit and gardens, Permaculture NeTogether event.

Analytical design (elements characteristics/inputs-outputs etc) - Compost toilet, Permaculture NeTogether event.

Data overlays - Permaculture NeTogether event, Bender roof rebuild, SCW woodland management plan.

Zone and sector analysis - SCW woodland management plan, SCW food growing, Garden in Moretonhampstead, Firepit and gardens, Permaculture NeTogether.

Incremental designs - SCW food growing, Longhouse rebuild.

Creating guilds - Garden in Moretonhampstead, SCW food growing, Longhouse, Firepit and gardens, Compost toilet.

Removal of limiting factors - Accreditation, SCW woodland management plan.

Mcharg's exclusion zoning - Permaculture introductory course.

Use of master patterns - Permaculture introductory course.


The supplementary criteria

Dissemination (spreading the idea of permaculture further into society) - Doing stalls at festivals and gatherings; articles on SCW website and in SCW newsletters; helping host Design courses at Steward Wood; convening and teaching a Permaculture introductory weekend; my Diploma accrditation event; doing talks at schools and gatherings; working with visitors and wwoofers at Steward Wood on my various designs, and explaining the ideas and principles to them; helping design and working on the site crew at the NeTogther event.

Community Building (leading and initiating processes that build and develop community structures like local Permaculture groups, LETS systems etc.) - Helping design and working on the site crew at the NeTogther event; my accreditation event as a Devon networking event; all my 9 years of work in co-setting up and co-developing Steward Community Woodland as a viable and inspiratinal sustainable community; using the Permaculture introductory weekend course to bring people together.

Symmetry (giving energy back to those who have helped you on your pathway - your tutors, the Permaculture Association etc.) - Recording and donating a song to the Earth Stars Permaculture compilation CD; helping on the NeTogether design and being on the site crew; apprentice teaching at Monkton Wyld and Steward Community Woodland.

Costings (recording and making available data from your designs such as financial cost, time spent designing/implementing, carbon footprints, materials used etc.) - Time and financial records for the compost toilet, the longhouse and the Introductory course designs.