The Permaculture Academy asks for a profile from its accredited diplomats. Here is mine. I have also copied a list of all the suggested categories below.

My Permaculture Designer's profile -

Site Development

I am helping to develop Steward Community Woodland, which is a demonstration of applied Permaculture and sustainable living, and to a much lesser extent i am also involved in Proper Job Resource Centre's development.


I have designed and taught one weekend introductory course so far, and i am co-teaching a full 2 week design course this summer. I am also looking at the possibilities of running a course/gathering to explore People Care in permaculture, and I lead workshops at gatherings about Permaculture.

Media and communications

I write and record songs that address permacultural issues, and these are available for others to use. I have also created this website, which at the moment only contains some of my diploma write up, but in the future i will increasingly be using it to share teaching materials and other digital resources i have made. Once i have had a break and got out in the fresh air again...

Community development

My life and work at Steward Community Woodland is community development on the small, intentional community scale.


I have designed and built many low impact structures at Steward Wood, including the communal kitchen, longhouse and compost toilet.

Designers Profile - Lifted straight from the Permaculture Association of Great Britain's website:

Designers tend to develop special areas of expertise or work in certain arenas. The Permaculture Institute of Australia issues the following list of likely areas. These are used to map a profile of an apprentice's experience as a designer and this profile is kept by the Academy as part of the apprentices accreditation record.

Site Development: Designing and working on their own or another site as a demonstration of permaculture principles.

Site Design: Completing permaculture designs for clients paying or not.

Administration: Directing, conducting or assisting consultancy groups, associations and institutes and developing strategies in permaculture work.

Education: Working on curricula, teaching or course work in permaculture education.

Finance: Setting up or operating financial systems for ethical investment, community revolving loan funds or other self financing systems for communities.

Trusteeship: Setting up or operating land or property trusts for ethical ends, or designing and running land access systems, or acting as a trustee to permaculture projects to enable them to use charitable status, to raise money and to operate as viable projects.

System Establishment and Implementation: Setting up or operating nurseries, earth moving systems, soil conservation strategies or the supply of goods and services to the permaculture community. Leading and working on the implementation of designed systems.

Media and Communications: Creating or operating publications or audio-visual and mixed media aids to communication for sustainable system education in the permaculture and wider community. Apppropriate software development.

Manufacturing: Establishing or operating making strategies or workshops producing hardware or goods for permaculture design use. Making available essential technologies through research, development and marketing.

Community Development: Planning, assisting with, or implementing community development projects in urban or rural systems or work with disadvantaged groups.

Architecture: Designing or building low cost and low energy use dwellings and structures.

Research: Making a significant contribution to research in the area or field of academic research into permaculture systems and needs.