A Design for a friend's garden in Moretonhampstead

During a community play in 2004 i was asked to do some gardening by one of the other cast members who lived near me.

I was keen to try out designing for a client, and it fitted nicely wth the fact that i was also designing a kitchen garden for myself in the woods at that time, so i foresaw good synergies in doing 2 gardens concurrently.

She wanted me to build her a compost heap, do some digging and advise her on veg growing. I offered to do a Permaculture design for the garden alongside the manual work, which she was happy for me to do.

The whole process was a rich learning experience. It was one of my first 'official' designs for my diploma, and on reviewing it now, in 2007, i can see how much i have learnt during my 3 years of action learning; I am also pleased with the synergies, guilds and beneficial relationships i created in the design. The implementation stage was fairly tricky though...

Enter the design process