What is the Permaculture Diploma?

The Diploma is a self directed study course where graduates of the Permaculture Design course learn to apply Permaculture design to their lives, using it to create positive changes to themselves and their systems, learning by observing, designing, doing, reobserving, redesigning etc. For more detailed information visit the UK Permaculture Association's website.

The Diploma mainly focuses on action learning - students document ten designs they have been working with, how they have made their design decisions and what they have learnt from the process. Theory in Action - integrating permaculture and sustainability into their own lives is also very important. Design practice and Theory in Action are the two essential criteria by which an apprentice is judged, and ultimately accredited as a Permaculture Diplomate. You can see some of my design practice in the designs i have documented on this website, and i have written up some of the changes i have made in my life (theory in action) since being inspired by Permaculture in 1998.

There are also supplementary criteria -

Dissemination - spreading the idea of permaculture further into society.

Community Building - leading and initiating processes that build and develop community structures like local Permaculture groups, LETS systems etc.

Symmetry - giving energy back to those who have helped you on your pathway - your tutors, the Permaculture Association etc.

Costings - recording and making available data from your designs such as financial cost, time spent designing/implementing, carbon footprints,materials used etc.

I have recorded how i met these criteria in the designs i have documented on my supple and essential critters page.