Belief and Energy
I wrote and recorded these songs in several stages during 2006-2010. Some were recorded at Aranya's studio, and some at my mum's house in Surrey on my smartphone.

1. Living in Circles

Written very quickly in the middle of the night, this song is a bit of a permaculture anthem, sung on courses and at gatherings. A permaculture course in a song! It owes a little something in its chorus rhythm to a certain crisp advert jingle (we want to be - - Smith's crisps), but i've never met anyone who is the slightest bit interested in that... other than me.

2. Leaving Torri

I volunteered at an Italian eco community called Torri Superiori, and met a great bunch of people there, both residents and international visitors. My visit coincided with the olive harvest, and i still remember the fantastic food they cooked there... But the time came to leave, and i wrote this song on the train heading to Verona in a sad but philosophical frame of mind.

3. Pieces of the Divine

Written at and after 'The Healing Voice' week long workshop/ritual near Glastonbury, this etheric song is about attraction, learning and healing, it was inspired by the words i spoke into Pip's ear on an angel walk at the end of the week. A year later we finally got together!

4. Cheap and Easy

Aeroplanes, carbon dioxide, climate change, peak oil, we need to stop flying. Particularly military aircraft, but also commercial flights. There are great coach and train services available...

5. That's the Spirit

A rainbow song celebrating the elements and my part in all the wonders of the earth and spirit

6. A Dream of Dust

Written in the dark and difficult time after the death of me and Pip's baby Oris, who died during her birth in 2008 in Battersea.

7. Orissa

Another song for Oris, with us in spirit always.

The Peak Oil Countdown
Another collabrative effort, this time with 80's band Europe. It was written for the launch of Transition Town Moretonhampstead, and is fun but a little rough round the edges.