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This is a list of all my finished recordings,which you can now download as MP3s for free/donation. Simply click on a song name to hear it. To download a song, right click or ctrl click on the name, choose 'save link as...' or 'save target as...'  then choose a location, and click on save. The method may be different for Linux and Mac users.
For more information on the songs, click on the album covers.

 If the lists are a bit overwhelming, i recommend listening to Grassroots Sustainable Futures, Silver Birch Tree, Living in CIrcles, and (Clean) Living in a Bender. these would be my 'singles' if i did that sort of thing!

Please use the Paypal or cheque sending links below to send me a donation if you download songs and feel like returning some energy to me.

Stickered Guitar Album. 1998-20041. Grassroots Sustainable Futures (youtube video)
2. Living in a Bender (Warning - contains repeated joyous swearing. Clean version available below)
3. Szeged
4. Silver Birch Tree
6. Calstock 14-3-99
7. Lyminge Forest Victory Song
8. We Will Survive
9. Priceless.

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Paddox EP

1. Song for Business Meetings
2. Clean Living in a Bender (Swearing free version of this popular song)
3. Warm All Night


Belief and Energy 1. Living in Circles (Chords and lyrics)
2. Leaving Torri
3. Pieces of the Divine
4. Cheap and Easy
5. That's the Spirit

6. A Dream of Dust
7. Orissa

8. The Peak Oil Countdown

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