Courses and Events

Permaculture Design Course
Tinos Island, greece

September 23rd to 7th October 2023

I am returning to Tinos Ecolodge to lead my sixth PDC there this Autumn, and I look forward to sharing the power of permaculture design, and exploring the brilliant eco houses, water systems and gardens they are developing there.

Join us for 2 weeks of connective culture and ecological inspirations, learning how to grow the resilience and abundances in your life.

There will be another PDC on Tinos in May/June 2023


Bringing It Home

Yearlong Online Journey
March 2024 - February 2025

Do you long to be part of an earth-based culture based on the cycles of nature and to grow more fully into a healthy, connected leader and community builder? 

Are you inspired by 8 Shields events like Art of Mentoring and Nature Culture Regeneration, or other nature-based and personal development work?

Are you looking to grow a heart led nature-based culture?

Whether you are called to leadership within yourself, your family, your community or your professional life, our courses of nature-based transformative learning will support you to bring regenerative cultural practices into your life and seed cultural healing in your communities.

Ecological Homecoming

Befriending your Place and all the Life around you
Running from March 2024 until February 2025

Ecological Homecoming can be taken as a standalone online training, and it is included as part of the Bringing It Home journey.

16 evening calls introducing outdoor activities to help you to connect and root more deeply to your place, and the flow of the seasons and the rest of life going through it. 

Based on the 8 Shields model of nature connection and culture repair, this yearlong journey supports you to use tried and tested core routines of deep nature connection practices where you live.