Courses and Events

2 Summer Events in Southern France, August

This summer I am excited to be leading 2 courses at a new venue in the South of France – a 2 day intro to deep nature connection and the 8 Shields, and a 4 day Permaculture intro. You are welcome to come to one or both events – there is a discount for booking onto both, and they are designed to complement each other as learning experiences. The courses will be held in English with French translation. 

Friday 7th- Sunday 9th August.

A fun, rich weekend introduction to deep nature connection and the work of the 8 Shields Institute – sharing wisdom, cultural tools and principles from ancient, land-based cultures around the world. 

sitting on grass cropped

Monday 10th – Wednesday 12th August 

4 days of deep diving into ‘Thinking like an Ecosystem’: using Permaculture to observe, understand and design the world around and inside us.

 We will explore how using the patterns and principles of the living world can help us to develop our dreams – be they nourishing gardens, food forests, beautiful houses, eco businesses, healthy relationships or community projects…

Full Permaculture Design Course on Tinos Island, Greece
18 September - 2 October

I am looking forward to returning to the beautiful Tinos island to lead another PDC at the Ecolodge. We will explore how to use nature’s wisdom and patterns to design gardens, buildings, communities and livelihoods on this full, immersive 14 day course. 

Come to grow your resilience toolkit, to learn important skills, and to have fun as part of  our immersive learning community experience.

Nature Culture regeneration Weekend on Dartmoor, October

Do you long to deepen your connections to the world around you, exploring the precious mysteries and stories of life all around, awakening your curiosity and wonder…

In Spring and Autumn I run a weekend introduction to 8 Shields for adults and children – ‘Nature Culture Regeneration‘, held in a wild woods on Dartmoor with a full team of nature connectors and cultural creatives. 

Next weekend – October 9th-11th