Courses and Events

Bringing It Home yearlong online Journey
March 2022 - February 2023

Do you long to be part of an earth-based culture based on the cycles of nature and to grow more fully into a healthy, connected leader and community builder? 

Are you inspired by 8 Shields events like Art of Mentoring and Nature Culture Regeneration, or other nature-based and personal development work?

Are you holding space for others in some way, and longing for support to do that more elegantly and easeful

Nature Culture regeneration weekend Dartmoor, April 22-24

Do you long to deepen your connections to the world around you, exploring the precious mysteries and stories of life all around, awakening your curiosity and wonder…

In Spring and Autumn I run a weekend introduction to 8 Shields for adults and children – ‘Nature Culture Regeneration‘, held in a wild woods on Dartmoor with a full team of nature connectors and cultural creatives. 

following weekend – September 9th-11th 2022


Permaculture Design Course
Tinos Island, greece, 20th May-3rd June

I am returning to Tinos Ecolodge for my third PDC there next summer, and I look forward to sharing the power of permaculture design, and exploring the brilliant eco houses, water systems and gardens they are developing there.